About Us


The Pulpit Rock
Founder and CEO Aquiles Larrea Jr.


About Us

At 401kpower we are real advisors. We have over twenty years’ experience advising clients in the real world.


We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

We know you want and need help but are not getting it from your current provider.


We started 401k power thinking we wanted break the cycle of non-guided advice and challenge, engage and empower you to think about how and why you’re investing in your future along with our help within your 401k,403b, 457, etc.


We believe the “secret sauce” of 401kpower is in our custom consults and multi-step ongoing process.


Our Mission Statement:

  1. We believe that everyone should have access to good, sound financial advice.
  2. We believe we can excel at giving this advice to our members with their plans who might be “guessing”, afraid to ask questions and without wanting to, taking their fate into their own hands.
  3. We want to help you accomplish your goals with a human touch meaning you will have access to human being not robots!
  4. We want our support team will get you back to you with answers that have substance and specifics, not generic nonsense!
  5. We believe that Asset Allocation and its implementation is both an art and a science!
  6. We believe most people want advice however they don’t like being talked “down to” as may sometimes happen.

Why can’t you get good advice and have an exclusive 24/7 members-only site to have practical, useful knowledge at your disposal?

We’re here to help!

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